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Best Sports Bars in Ireland

Football fans watching match and drinks beer at the table in sports bar.

The sports bar in Ireland has gained considerable popularity among residents and tourists. This is the place where people come to relax and unwind while watching online broadcasts of matches. Some sports bars in Ireland have halls with large screens, which are convenient for large companies. Others install TVs around the perimeter. Use our selection and find the most suitable sports bar Belfast or any other corner of the capital. Our website contains only up-to-date information. So, see here the 10 best sports bars in Ireland.

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Features of Sports Bars in Ireland:

A sports bar is often a place dedicated to sports with many sports broadcasts on giant screens. This is what makes its popularity with young and old, the good energy of the place and this good mood that feels good. The sports bar also allows you to discover sports that you know little about but which are fascinating, such as cricket for example, or football. So, here let's know about the features of sports bars.

  • In such institutions of the capital, broadcasts of matches are regularly arranged. Football has won the greatest popularity in sports bars in Ireland. But many establishments also broadcast other sports competitions: hockey, basketball, boxing, and others. Also, broadcasts of matches in the capital are often organized by beer restaurants and beer bars.

  • Many sports bars in Ireland are open around the clock. If you're only looking for 24/7 establishments, put that in the "features" section of the advanced search. Most football bars in Ireland open their doors to visitors around the clock.

  • The menu in many of these establishments is quite diverse. The bar list is filled with all kinds of strong drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. The main menu always contains a variety of meat dishes, hot and cold appetizers, soups, and sometimes desserts.

  • In addition to sports broadcasts, there are other entertainments in the best sports bars in Ireland. You can often play kicker or darts in such establishments, but the most important thing here is the atmosphere created by the fans.

Best Sports Bars in Ireland

Sports bars have always been a separate culture of evening relaxation - this is a place where you should not look for peace and tranquility. A crowd of fans at the screens, chants, draft beer, and snacks are what distinguishes the best sports bars Dublin from the good ones. Don't know where to watch football or other popular world sports broadcasts? For you, the next selection of sports bars in Ireland is in the center and not only.

Decent places to stay can be found in almost any area of ??the capital. Local establishments strive to keep the bar high due to high competition. If you do not want to go to the center, but want to visit the nearest sports bar, use the advanced search. Just enter your metro station, street name, or district, and only the options you need will remain in the selection. First on the list are Ireland's sports bars, which received the highest rating from visitors. Further - with a lower rating. Also, with the help of filtering, you can choose establishments with any cuisine, average check, and desired features.

Buskers on the Ball

Buskers On The Ball, located in the heart of Temple Bar, is the biggest sports bar in this tourist hotspot. A sports bar to see all the matches of many sports (Football, rugby, GAA, Formula 1, American football...) but also to play sports! Indeed, it is possible to play on one of the 3 ping pong tables, 8 pool tables, 2 American pool tables, or even 2 Foosball tables. But that's not all, you can play darts, Air Hockey, Shuffle, Outrun, pedal on Superbikes, or even bang your wrists on Street Fighter! It's simple, Buskers on the Ball was voted bar of the year 2019! They have 20 screens on their walls and a large video wall and can show multiple games or sports at the same time! very talented chef in the kitchen! Located on level -1 of the Buskers, there is plenty of space and it is also common to see hen/bachelorette or stag parties there!

The Living Room

In addition to nightly broadcasts and a huge range of alcohol, the bar has its own bakery, which will not leave you indifferent. The bar surprises with its aesthetics and interesting Hi-Tech style: the menu is served not on paper, but on tablets, the walls and furniture strictly correspond to the gray color scheme, 50 TVs in all three halls, and good sound equipment. The bar also has a daily menu, game consoles, and board games, and all this is complemented by a panoramic view and a summer terrace. Burgers with colorful buns take center stage on the menu.

The Living Room establishments with Irish roots preach a common fun storyline - drunkenly, mentally, snooty, but without fights. In a traditionally green interior, in an extremely democratic atmosphere, surrounded by tipsy good-natured young men and men, watching football is easy and pleasant, although the feeling of a neighbor's elbow is sometimes too bright and intrusive.

The Living Room menu has a place for steaks, soups, and business lunches, on weekends there are spontaneous and hastily organized apartment concerts, but all this is instantly hidden from view when green fields or hockey boxes appear on the screen.

In any of The Living Room, a passer-by will be welcome, although each has long had its own large audience, which we recommend to reckon with. That is, it is necessary to get sick together with everyone, an outside opinion can be taken with hostility.

The Back Page

One of a chain of traditional Irish pubs, stereotypical pubs with multiple football screens. Good selection of draft, craft, and non-alcoholic beers. For lovers of sweeter, there is cider and cherry beer. In the small space of the bar, you can often meet foreigners and chat with friendly bartenders.

An elegant institution is located almost in the city center, on the street. The design of the restaurant was developed taking into account functional expediency. The main hall is decorated in a classical manner, a single space is not divided by columns and partitions. Pleasant colors in pastel colors and sophisticated furnishings are ideal for the sports bar.

The Back Page is a haven both for those looking for creative cocktails and elegance of the place or others preferring rather follow their favorite sports team around a club sandwich and a beer. The establishment broadcasts all matches in particular, as well as the Premier League.

The Back Page bar is a stock market bar concept where the drinks menu is displayed on a screen. Prices update every 100 seconds and your goal is to get your drinks at the best price. A concept that takes up the principles of the vagaries of the stock market while immersing you in a totally charged atmosphere.

Four sports friends watching soccer in a bar or a pub


Another traditional pub is a small room that looks like a gingerbread house. Everything is as it should be: warm green and orange tones, a couple of large broadcast screens, a long bar, and plenty of draft beer taps. The summer terrace is also equipped with a TV for watching outdoor matches in summer. A distinctive feature of this bar is huge portions of dishes, so do not be afraid of the price tags and be careful with orders.

Sinnott’s Pub offers a wide selection of Irish and international beers as well as Irish whiskies. On its four HD flat screens, it also broadcasts the matches of the English football and rugby leagues, as well as the matches. Sinnott’s is also the ideal place for a quick lunch.

A truly friendly place is waiting for sports bars near me. In the informal atmosphere of a traditional pub, people socialize and have fun. Behind the massive wooden tables, unhurried conversations about everything at once are being conducted. Here it is customary to leave souvenirs - football paraphernalia - and paint the walls with immortal statements. Sinnott’s has an excellent selection of spirits, strong varieties of cocktails are popular. The music in the bar is appropriately informal - incendiary rock & roll is often replaced by scandalous chants.

The 51

Is it true that you are searching for a common Irish bar, with warm air and streaming lager? Almost certainly, The 51 is the most ideal bar for you! The bar communicates major games. Obviously, it's difficult to miss a decent Champions League banner. Accordingly, its brilliant and luxuriously improved dividers had the option to oblige, among others.

A bar for lovers of the freshest beer and quiet groups of fans. The in-house brewery brews exclusive beers for sophisticated visitors. Guests are also offered Irish varieties of intoxicating drinks, and the atmosphere of a pub with cheerful music adds to the surroundings of your visit. The beer restaurant has housed several huge screens for fans, and in between matches, football fans can play foosball on the new kicker table.

In a setting typical of Irish pubs, you can watch the broadcast of the match, while having a drink and even eating. Above all, you can take advantage of the giant screen made available to watch and support your team!

This Irish pub will surprise you. The latest addition offers both a heated outdoor area and a large comfortable indoor lounge. You can also book the establishment for a great evening of football with friends.

Trinity Bar

A sports pub with comfortable seats for watching matches - semi-booths with square sofas around the table. An extensive menu with snacks and fast food, a menu of hookahs, and, of course, a beer list with ales, stouts, and fruit beers. The walls are hung with a huge collection of postage stamps and sports paraphernalia of various subjects: from tennis rackets to hockey sticks. The interior itself is designed in a classic Irish style and slightly seasoned with the newfangled Hi-Tech style.

Still, just as close to the most beautiful avenue in the world, The Trinity Bar happens to be a real little corner of Ireland. Open every evening The Trinity Bar welcomes you to one of its spaces.

Four screens broadcast the biggest sporting events in HD in a wooded and warm setting reminiscent! You can also take advantage of their catering offer. The Trinity Bar is above all a real cocktail bar where you can snack alone or with friends, colleagues, or as a couple in a friendly and modern setting while watching the matches well settled.

With its massive porch or its clubbing region will fulfill you. The foundation gives two monster screens as well as a catering offer for the hungriest. Make sure to book ahead of time, on the grounds that the spot is all the time its very own survivor achievement.

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The Woolshed

The Woolshed is the meeting place for Australians and Kiwis since it is a large bar on 2 floors where you can meet to watch sports from the southern hemisphere (AFL, NRL etc.) but also all your other favorite sports: Football, Rugby, Tennis, GAA, Formula 1 etc.) The Woolshed is an international sports bar. All the technology is present to watch on very large screens but also TV placed everywhere in the bar so as not to miss any of the competitions. There is very good customer service and good prices with an excellent food platter

The Mercantile

The Mercantile is one of those establishments where you need to book a table for the weekend, otherwise, you simply won’t find empty seats. However, this is fully justified: chic furnishings, the latest television screens, an exquisite menu with the best dishes of European cuisine, and, without it, delicious Belgian beer. Qualified bartenders will not let you get lost in all the variety of the beer list and will suggest what you like. A distinctive feature of the institution from other sports bars is that you do not need to go out to smoke. Just sit in the smoking area.

There are no large facilities, it is its authenticity and its atmosphere (especially on match nights) that make this pub stand out. If Irish clubs are your thing, it's worth a visit. You will be able to see the important matches in a great atmosphere and around a draft or bottled beer, a cocktail, a whiskey, or even quality products from small producers: charcuterie/cheese boards, sausages, and terrines individually.

You will likewise track down something to extinguish your thirst with lagers, soda pops, wines, and mixed drinks. There is likewise something to nibble on, like the standard charcuterie or potentially cheddar platters, or more complete and unique ones and generally that in segments adjusted to the offering to companions. At last, assuming that you intend to eat there, you will likewise track down genuine dishes (wieners, burgers, pizzas, and so on) It is additionally conceivable to save a table.

The Mercantile welcomes you in a neat and very spacious decor. If you are sporty yourself, you can enjoy a drink while playing billiards or letting off steam on the table football. And because sport is hollow, a menu of good food is available: chicken wings, nachos, burgers, tacos... You will certainly find what you are looking for.

The Bleeding Horse

The Bleeding Horse is located in one of the most picturesque places in Ireland. The interior pleases with massive leather sofas, in front of which there are bright screens with daily broadcasts of sporting events. Pub traditions for steak positions on the menu and a huge selection of different beers are also preserved here, and the variety will pleasantly surprise you.

One of the most charismatic establishments in Ireland. The chamber atmosphere is formed by natural wood, comfortable armchairs with striped upholstery, soft carpets, and subdued light from floor lamps. Plasma TVs can be viewed from anywhere. For lovers of the big screen, there is almost a real cinema. With his incredible charm and a hand-picked team, Ian has built a popular pub on the scene. The sports bar is a favorite with locals and tourists alike

It is a rather classic sports bar, where the atmosphere is very friendly. Their terrace is quite large, and you can enjoy the sun, or put yourself in the shade. The establishment also offers homemade fruit juices that the whole family will enjoy, as well as dishes made with organic products. Obviously, this has a price. As a result, you will have to expect slightly higher prices than in other bars/brasseries.

You can go there to see the matches, and above all enjoy a very warm and friendly atmosphere. Obviously, you will have a wide choice of beers, especially English beers. There are also small music groups that come to play for the atmosphere, often before or after matches.

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Three Spirits

A place to visit regularly to watch football matches. Any man will leave the establishment satisfied because they cook excellent meat and offer Belgian beer. Huge panoramic windows and 8 screens are harmoniously combined and illuminate the 300-meter room with light both during the day and in the evening. A long bar counter, behind which there are professionals in their field, is a distinctive piece of interior of this establishment.

A chain of beer pubs with extremely simple but stylish interiors: brick walls, wooden and leather furniture, and medium-height ceilings. Of all the sports bars in this chain, the widest and most voluminous menu. Here they cook beef ribs, burnt mashed potatoes, burgers, steaks, classic snacks, and much more. The bar list includes more than a hundred varieties of draft and bottled beer. Each bar of the network has good sound equipment and several TVs for watching broadcasts.

Three Spirits's pub offers a lively atmosphere, a mixture of tradition and modernism and is the place not to be missed. This is a place to meet and relax where you can easily make friends. This is what makes this typically Irish pub so unique and sets it apart from other sports bars.

Three Spirits is a large sports bar with many TVs in the center of Ireland. They are known for their pitchers of cheap beer on game nights and pub meals. This is one of Ireland's largest sports bars that hosts three floors of TVs so you won't miss a single room. Their menu includes delicious burgers, pizzas, chicken wings, steak, poutine, salads, craft beers, cocktails, and good times. The Peel Pub is committed to providing professional, prompt, and courteous service. They use fresh, locally grown produce in their daily specials and use only the freshest ingredients in all of their dishes.


These are far from all representatives of sports bars in Ireland, so if you still do not know which institution to honor with your visit to watch the next match, take your friends and explore new sports bars!


Q. What is a sports bar?

A. A sports bar combines two formats at once - a standard bar where alcoholic drinks and various dishes are served, as well as a hall where various matches are broadcast. Many fans will prefer such a bar to an ordinary institution, and on the other hand. Significant sporting events are not held every day, but people who are far from sports will rather prefer a traditional bar or cafe " specialized” even when the latter does not host broadcasts. Therefore, before you start solving organizational issues, carefully study the supply and demand, determine the target audience and its needs, think about how you can increase the demand for your establishment.

Q. Do I need a ticket to watch matches in a Sports bar?

A. No, you do not need any ticket to watch game matches in a sports bar except for some specific and very popular sports events where the bars plan to be full very quickly.

Q. Are children allowed in sports bars?

A. In many sports bars minors are not allowed, but many establishments set age limits for their customers and, with the help of their security staff, monitor compliance with these rules.

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